Me and the Bea

I’m still working my way through the edits – just a couple of big issues to tackle now, then a read-through and a check, and then I’m done – but I have found myself a bit distracted lately by a new member of our household.

Here she is:


Her name is Bea and she’s not technically allowed on the sofa. She knows this, and her policy therefore is to leap up, curl into a ball and pretend to be asleep instantly because she thinks I’m less likely to push her off if she looks all cute and peaceful. Here’s another picture of Bea, aka ShedDog:


Isn’t she gorgeous?IMAG1114 IMAG1117



We got Bea from Spain thanks to a website called Spanish Stray Dogs  – go and have a look at their website and like them on Facebook, if you can. They do a tremendous job of rehoming animals from Spain and I have to say the process of adopting Bea was very easy. They suggested her based on what we were looking for in a dog and she couldn’t have been more perfect for us. Considering she has never lived in a house before (she was abandoned with her siblings as a small pup and spent her whole life in the municipal kennels) she has been incredibly good.

It’s great to have some company in the shed… and she’s brought some nice weather with her from Spain, too. The sun is shining today for the first time in AGES!


  1. Wow, she’s gorgeous! One thing i really miss is having a dog in the house, i think once you get used to it a home is never quite right without one. Here’s hoping she doesn’t prove too distracting… 🙂

  2. Bea would make a lovely dog psychologist who knows just how to cover her tracks. And when all else fails, she can offer an unbelievably adorable look to charm her human subjects into breaking a rule or two. She’s savvy enough to know that one more layer of glorious appreciation, helps to seal her getaway.
    Prayers for Miss Bea to get even a bit part in a mystery or two!!

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