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Human Remains

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Highly intelligent but socially inept, Colin spends his free time collecting academic qualifications and searching for ways to meet women, until he stumbles upon a new technique that proves both potent and deadly. Police analyst Annabel is shocked when she discovers a decomposing body in the house next door and realises that no one, including herself, noticed her neighbour’s absence. At work she finds data showing that such cases are frighteningly common in her own town and sets out to investigate, convinced she is on trail of a killer.


Having written two books which were essentially about relationships, I wanted to explore what happens to us in the absence of them; so Human Remains is about people who are for various reasons living an isolated existence without social contact. Instead of two timelines, I have two narrators in this book, both of whom are also lonely for different reasons. Annabel is a police analyst who spots an increase in the number of people who have died in their own homes and remained undiscovered until they are in advanced decomposition. Colin, the other narrator, is a clever, socially awkward man who may or may not be the cause of this alarming statistic…