Dark Tide in Pictures, Part II

I’m going to be quite specific with the next few pictures, but without giving anything away… which is quite tricky…

So if you haven’t finished reading Dark Tide and you’d like to keep imagining the location, I shall just share a picture of the tideline with the mud upon which the hulls of the boats rest… and I suggest you come back to this post later on! Pictures continue below…



Still here? Yay!

Towards the end of the book, Dylan parks his van in a location where he can watch the goings on at the marina…. this is where he parks his van…


You can just about see the (non-residential) boatyard through the arch of the Medway Bridge on the right, but in case you need a close up…


These pictures were taken at high tide – you can see the boats are floating on the last picture – but at low tide it’s possible if phenomenally dangerous and a bit stupid to walk under the bridge to the marina.

There are actually two bridges, side by side. One of them takes the A2/M2 heading towards London in one direction and Canterbury in the other, the second takes the high speed rail line running between Ashford and London (the Javelin) as well as the Eurostar services to Paris and various other European destinations.

More pictures tomorrow! I’ve been out with my camera again today.



  1. thanks so much, this is fantastic to see pictures bringing the story to life. It feels like the story was factual now and that Genevieve really did live happily ever after with Dylan!! Would love a sequel to this to find out how their life ended up and if they did find harmony! I guess you have left that partto our imagination! lol

  2. Thanks for the pictures, I just finished reading the book this evening, I loved it, especially as I live in Bromley, know Rochester and the boatyards well, and drink in the Bull in Chiselhuirst – uncanny ! It made me want to look at your web site, and I will now be ordering your first book, thanks for giving me many happy hours………………..ps it would make a fantastic tv drama

    • Thank you for your comment, Sarah! My friends live in Chislehurst and I’ve been to The Bull’s Sunday night pub quiz a couple of times – seemed an appropriate setting for the end of the book. I keep meaning to post some more pictures – the place where G moors her boat at the end is at the Malta in Sandling near Maidstone. Another familiar place perhaps? Thanks again, and let me know what you think of Into the Darkest Corner! xx

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