Dark Tide in Pictures, Part I

In celebration of the launch of Dark Tide in the US and Canada this week, I thought you might all like to see some pictures of the setting for the book.


This picture was taken from the Medway Bridge (more pictures of that in a minute) In the foreground is the non-residential marina which is the main setting for the story. Sorry for the quality of the picture – I’d taken my camera, it managed three pictures and then the battery died – so I had to resort to my phone.  In the distance of the picture above, you can see Rochester Castle and to the right of it the spire of Rochester Cathedral.


Here’s a picture of the park on the Esplanade. Dylan phones Genevieve while she is here on her bike, towards the end of the novel: his white van is parked right about where that yellow car is.

IMAG1024 Rochester Castle:

“I got as far as the castle, the outer wall covered in fiery Virginia creeper like lava pouring from the battlements. I carried my bike up the steps and into the castle grounds, and found a bench…”

“…’There’s nobody here. Nobody suspicious, anyway,’ I said, looking out at the couple walking across the green, pushing a stroller. By the steps to the castle, an elderly couple sitting on a bench. The woman was laughing, clutching her chest. A few students with matching backpacks were sprawled on the grass. I could hear faintly the tinny noise of music, played through a cell phone…”



And on to Rochester High Street… when I took my pictures this morning it must have been one of the few days of the year when they don’t have bunting strung across the street in celebration of some festival or other. There’s always something going on there.

IMAG1038And the Dot Cafe – that’s real, too. Genevieve sits outside and has a latte and a bacon sandwich.

I’ll stop there I think – I have plenty more pictures to share but I will save those for tomorrow. On another note – does anyone have a photo request? Either in relation to the settings for Dark Tide, or anything else! Let me know and I will see what I can do.



  1. You’re right about Rochester High Street. It seems strange not to see it dotted with people dressed in Victorian garb, as when I last visited it was for the Dickensian Christmas Fair.

    I look forward to reading this.

  2. Wow, just stumbled across the photos while looking up other titles by Elizabeth Haynes as I just couldnt put down either titles (Into the Darkest Corner and Revenge of the Tide) and still keep thinking about poor Catherine and what she had to endure. They were both totally addictive and took me into a world of escapism so I was searching for another title to get stuck in to. The photos are exactly how I imagined the scenes to be by the detailed descriptions in the book. Its great to see the actual marina and when I look at the photo, the story floods back and I want to read it again for the pure thrill and the different and exciting world it took me to!! lol, so, do keep writing Elizabeth and particularly love your books for the focus on relationships and the dynamics between different characters! Many thanks and just going to order Human Remains for my Kindle! Bit distraught to see there are no more after this though!!

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